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Preludio Catering | Cortona, Rome, Florence and Bologna | The Group
Preludio Catering | Cortona, Rome, Florence and Bologna | The Group

Preludio Group
Everything you need for superb service

Since 1997

a leader in hospitality and celebratory events

Preludio Group operates up and down the Italian peninsula. We provide catering services and equipment for hire. We take care of receptions, banquets, ceremonies, weddings, corporate events, and private parties with attention to detail and energetic passion. 25 years of experience and expertise are our best calling card.

We operate throughout Italy with four primary locations: Cortona, Rome, Florence and Bologna. We have a fleet of eighty vehicles and a team of professional chefs and planners on a precise mission: to go beyond. For us, it is not enough to satisfy the people who want to celebrate an important moment in their lives or in their company; we want to make your event unforgettable.

Preludio Catering | Cortona, Rome, Florence and Bologna | The Group

The Restaurant
...where it all began

The heart and soul of our activities is the Ristorante Preludio. It is here that everything started; here, the people who today oversee our services were trained. Thanks to the experience we gained from our restaurant, we have developed our version of hospitality, we have learned about the highest qualities of food, we have been able to focus our attention on details, and formed our superb level of service, all of which today represent our greatest strengths.

Next door to the restaurant we recently opened a new business: La Dispensa del Preludio. Here we offer our typical products for on-site tasting or take-away consumption, as well as excellent wines and handicrafts for both the table and the kitchen.

Continuously evolving
and not just in the kitchen

Catering does not begin or end in the kitchen… or the dining room. It has to offer something extra: place settings and décor that will leave you speechless. The importance of these elements led to the development of the Group’s core business, Preludio Rentals. We offer a vast selection of equipment to be used in both receiving guests and in the kitchen for all types of events. We have even enhanced our offerings with an exclusive location for events, situated between Cortona and Montepulciano: Villa Valentini Bonaparte. This gracious home offers both intimacy and exclusivity, there are rooms and suites for overnight stays, and the beauty extends from the palazzo’s interiors to the gorgeous gardens surrounding the villa.

In addition to this business, we have also developed Toop Vespa, the company’s branch that deals with renting scooters. Traveling off the beaten path is unquestionably the best way to enjoy the landscape of Tuscany and Umbria.

Preludio Catering | Cortona, Rome, Florence and Bologna | The Group